Ugreen’s USB-C Devices: Grab A Masterpiece Today

Ugreen’s USB-C Devices: Grab A Masterpiece Today

A company that has gained almost more than 40 million customers all over the world in a short duration is UGREEN. The brand has acquired so much fondness that it is not because of any recommendation or something but their action has spoken louder. Their action of coming up with devices with the latest technologies by keeping the yearning of the client is the highlighting point. However, Ugreen has always emerged with premium quality products with long-term longevity. The products from this brand are available both in online and offline mode.

Feel free to learn more as this blog will enunciate some specific USB-C devices from Ugreen, which will blow the reader's mind. However, those devices from this brand can be termed masterpieces.

Advantages UGREEN USB-C

If someone is willing to opt for USB-C with high product quality then they should go for UGREEN USB-C. To be more precise, the high durable products are the main enchantment of UGREEN devices.

1. Value For Money

Nowadays people are more interested in long-term invested commodities. UGREEN is such a brand that has taken care of many customers' desires and has brought in their devices. Nonetheless, investing in any of the UGREEN devices is worth it because of the product specifications and durability.

2. More Specifically About UGREEN’s USB

Each kind of UGREEN USB has some unique properties which have uplifted the brand itself. Nonetheless, incorporating emerging technologies in the devices is the central inducement of UGREEN.

UGREEN’s USB-C Products

Keep reading this article as the main and most interesting part is coming up. However, a brief description of the USB-C of this brand is given below:

1. 90-degree USB-C to Lightning Cable

This UGREEN product seems to be innovative and unique because of its 90 degrees L design. However, this kind of cable is more pleasing for gaming, watching videos, and more. The product has an SKU of 60763. However, its maximum current capacity is 3A along with nylon as the surface material. The EAN/UPC of the 90-degree USB-C to lightning cable is 6957303867639.

2. Right-angle USB-C Quick Charging Cable

This kind of UGREEN product is not compatible with Otterbox phone cases or 2.5 mm thick phone cases. The right-angle USB-C quick charging cable has an SKU and 20855(0.5M), 20856(1M), and 20857(and 2M) with a charging speed of 5V/3A. The EAN/UPC of this product is 6957303828555, 695730382856an, 695730and 3828579.

3. 2 Pack USB C and Fast charging cable

2 Pack USB C Fast charging cable is a highly compatible product. It also has nylon finished cable along with anti-twisting properties. This product has an SKU of 40989P (1M), 40991P(2M), and 50878P(3M). However, the charging speed of the device is almost 5V/3A. It also has the capacity of high data transferring speed of 480Mbps. The EAN/UPC of the 2 Pack USB C Fast charging cable is 6957303878130, 6957303858095, and 6957303864621.


A global brand that values humanity over anything is UGREEN. This commendable quality of UGREEN is the only reason why it has made a way in people's hearts. Hopefully, the above-mentioned specifications of the devices from UGREEN will help people to grab their kind.