How Do I Check My Laptop's Battery Life?

How Do I Check My Laptop's Battery Life?

Your laptop's battery has a shelf life. It is one of the essential components of the laptop. If you use the device for one year, the battery life will decrease. There are consequences to short battery life. They include decreasing energy, overcharging, and unstable power in the battery. For that reason, you need to know when the Batterie PC Portable HP is worth using or replacing.

How to evaluate your laptop's battery life

In Windows types, certain hidden features assist you to see how the notebook's battery is. Such technical reports are essential to assessing the battery's overall health. You should comprehend a few concepts before interpreting battery reports.

1. Generating battery reports on your Windows

On Windows, you could quickly get an easy-to-comprehend report regarding your battery using a little command. How would you go about it?

Begin by opening a Command Prompt on the window. Press the Windows key and X simultaneously. Go ahead and click the option of Command prompt.

When you get to Command Prompt, enter powercfg. You should see a battery report is saved to your user account's directory.

2. Windows Explorer

Using Windows Explorer, press your directory to open the file. You should see an HTML file in the battery report. You will also spot various sections on the report. The first report tells you that the laptop has basic requirements and specifications. The next slot shows you extensive detail of the installed batteries.

In many cases, this part will provide essential information for one battery. This next section is one of the most important ones. You should pay attention to all figures located under the Design Capacity, Cycle Count Numbers, in addition to the Full Charge Capacity.

3. Design Capacity

The laptop's design capacity is indicative of the power levels that the battery holds. Full Charge Capacity is the battery's power- what the battery can hold. The stats under the Full Charge Capacity should be lower than the Design Capacity. This is usually because of the usual tears found on the battery. But the difference should not be huge. In case it is, you must be alarmed.

4. Cycle Count

Then there is the Cycle Count. This number shows the charge cycles that the battery has gone through from the moment it was used. It would be best if you never forgot the computer's battery could handle several charge cycles. 400 is the magic number in many cases; that is when it comes to the number of cycle charges. That could be equivalent to about three years' heavy usage. Some of the sections of your report will determine the diagnosis of the battery.

Final Thoughts

There are talks about laptop batteries. It is one of the essential elements of your laptop. While you may think of the operating system, RAM, and CPU only, laptop batteries need special attention coupled with care. The lack of battery knowledge is why laptop owners had replaced their batteries before the shelf life expired. To increase your laptop's battery life, you should close the apps anytime you are not using them. Do not prop up the notebook, especially on a pillow. That step and the ones listed above should guide you.