Differences between a Windows 10 laptop and the new version Windows 11

Differences between a Windows 10 laptop and the new version Windows 11

At the end of 2021 the official launch of Windows 11 was made and comparisons are the order of the day. If you were just adapting to your laptop windows 10, it is time to know the differences with respect to the new version before upgrading.

The update for the new Windows 11 will be free for both your PC and your Windows 10 laptop. Microsoft even launched a test version so that users can find out if their computer has the necessary features to run it.

Although Windows 11 already exists, the company stated that both Windows 10 PCs and laptops will continue to operate normally until October 2025. For now it will not be necessary to upgrade and that is why many new range computers, such as the Honor MagicBook 14 laptops, come with version 10.

There are some differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 that you need to be aware of to know what you are going to encounter before you upgrade.


In terms of design, users will notice certain differences in their Windows 10 laptop. Microsoft in the new version of Windows offers an interface very similar to Macs, with lighter colors and more rounded corners. It gives the impression that its design is more minimalist and clean.

Microsoft Store

With the operating system update, Microsoft has incorporated a new store design, which in its new version users will also have the opportunity to search for applications, movies, books and downloads.

Since Microsoft Store is a universal program for Windows, it will be constantly updated regardless of whether it is a Windows 10 laptop or PC.

Snap layouts

Another difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 has to do with the new feature called Span Layouts. With this program, users will be able to organize their windows and applications in a simpler way separately and also to group them.

Although the Snap feature works in Windows 10, users can organize their windows manually, with certain limitations compared to the new update for Windows 11.

Touch mode - tablet

With the update to Windows 11, the tablet mode that Windows 10 already has will be eliminated completely. This mode in Windows 10 laptops allows users to use a tablet-like interface.

When upgrading to Windows 11 users will have the function, but with an interface very similar to Apple's iPads. This will also bring within its options, larger touch targets and the ability to switch and move windows more easily.

Game updates

The games for both PCs and laptops incorporate the DirectStorage option, but will also be compatible for all Windows 10 computers.

This program only needs a modern storage system in order to optimize its operation for both PCs and laptops. However, the way they will process data with the upgrade to Windows 11 will improve the colors of the games.

The differences between a laptop Windows 10 and Windows 11 are closely related to the interface and its image, which, according to Microsoft, implies a significant improvement in the operating system for its users.

Users who still have a Windows 10 laptop or PC will be able to study all the differences, new options, functions and features to know if they want to upgrade now or wait for the deadline given by Microsoft.

In the meantime, users will be able to continue using their Windows 10 laptop, regardless of whether it is the Honor Magic Book or any other make or model.

This operating system will continue to run smoothly on the new high-end computers on sale today.