Month: April 2022

  • How To Add AirPlay 2 To Your Reciever

    How To Add AirPlay 2 To Your Reciever

    AirPlay 2 is an upgraded version of Apple's proprietary wireless streaming protocol. It was first introduced in 2017 and offers several improvements over the original AirPlay protocol, including the ability to stream audio to multiple devices simultaneously, improved audio quality, and support for Siri voice control. AirPlay 2 also allows users to see what is…

  • Applied Racing Technology S-Decal

    Applied Racing Technology S-Decal

    The Applied Racing Technology company has been around for over 15 years and has been creating innovative products for the automotive industry. The company currently employs just two people at its facility in Clearwater, Florida. However, it has over two dozen other locations based on the same technology. Besides floor mats and seat covers, it…